This is dedicated precision coaching for the super busy entrepreneur, leader or professional needing to become a confident, clear and powerful communicator… yesterday!

Does this sound like you?

  • The survival of your business or leadership role depends on you getting out of your own way and becoming a confident and powerful communicator, who can connect with your people NOW
  • You’ve read books, and taken public speaking classes, how to sell and other communication programs and workshops, and yet you can’t get that little voice in your head to shut up
  • You have a kick-ass message and mission you know will change the world, but you can’t articulate it without doubting yourself and tripping over your words
  • You don’t want to take another coaching program that stretches over weeks and months. You’re out of patience and ready to bust through your blocks and claim your leadership voice NOW
  • You know you’re putting something out there that people aren’t buying (no pun intended), and you want to know what it is, so you can stop doing it fast

Communications Boot Camp VIP Day is a one-day, one-on-one coaching intensive for business leaders who are ready to go into guerrilla mode and get the effective, holistic communication training they need for immediate results

  • Because your people need you to connect with them NOW
  • Because your message is too damn important to be bent and packaged into someone else’s way of doing it
  • Because building a rock-solid foundation and aligning it with your voice creates a powerful, unstoppable force


  • You’re a leader of people, an entrepreneur or a business professional, who needs to spend a significant amount of time communicating with people
  • You’ve tried other coaching programs or professional development workshops, but nothing has worked. You want a results-based experience to get to the core of what’s holding you back from communicating the way you want
  • You know if you’re unable to solve your communication dilemma, you’ll take a hit in sales, lose staff or opportunities to build credibility if you haven’t done so already
  • You’ve done personal development in the past and understand that results come with commitment to doing the work and digging deep
  • You’re an engaged learner and open to the feedback you need to grow to meet the next level


  • If you want someone to tell you what to say. That’s not something I do. This is about empowering you to tap into your uniquely powerful voice
  • You’re not willing to go deep to uncover what might be holding you back. It’s in the uncomfortable stuff that we find our breakthroughs
  • You get easily overwhelmed or need more time to integrate learnings. We’re going to cover A LOT of material and experience major breakthroughs in a short amount of time


  • You have more control over your results than you think. Once you look at communication from an inside-out perspective, you’ll see how you can consciously change your approach to influence results
  • The little-known secret that communication begins long before we begin to speak. You’ll learn how your intention… not the one you say you have, but how the real one under it all is running the show
  • How strongly your verbal and non-verbal communication align. This is the stuff of power and authenticity. You’ll get real-time feedback to become self-aware of when you’re off and when you’re on
  • Presenting your natural way. Forget about everyone else’s way. This is where we empower you to embrace your unique style of communication and leverage your gifts. Prepare to be seen and heard
  • How to get out of your own damn way! Those fears and limiting beliefs? That little voice that talks and talks and talks? We’re going to talk back to it and show it who’s boss


  • You + me, one-on-one over 8 hours (includes lunch break and mini recharge breaks) in a dedicated space. I’ll send you prep work ahead of time to get us focused and hit the ground running
  • We’ll work with real life scenarios past and present or a specific upcoming project to get you the results you seek. We’ll use a combination of exercises, tools and coaching to uncover blind spots. I’ll ask a lot of questions to help you connect the dots and there are times we’ll go deep
  • You’ll get the Conscious Communication Model worksheets to deepen your learning and simplify your integration of the framework into your day-to-day life
  • I’ll follow up with you for a 45-minute check-in call two to four weeks after our VIP day to see how you’re doing and provide a coaching boost, if needed

Your people are waiting to hear from you. It’s time to answer that call. You deserve it, and they need you

Let’s chat to see if Communications Boot Camp VIP Day is a good fit for you!