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I speak about excellent communication from the inside-out at networking events, summits, conferences and in the workplace. I do talks for leaders, staff, students, multi-level marketing teams, entrepreneurs, and personal and professional development groups and associations.

Signature Talks

Inside-out: A radically different approach to communication. You’ve been looking at communication all wrong, and it’s not your fault. You’ve been taught to look at communication as a largely external process. In this talk, I’ll show you how you hold much greater power in how you show up than you realize. You’ll leave the room with an “aha” or two that will change the way you look at communication forever.

SWITCH! Communication is an exchange. Long gone are the days of the traditional sender → receiver model of communication. We live in a dynamic, rapidly-changing information-based society. We need to understand what we’re putting out there, and more importantly, what we’re receiving and how to react sensibly. In this talk, I’ll provide you with the fundamentals of dynamic communication, so you’re ready for your next interaction… and all the ones after that.

Hellloooo! Why won’t anybody listen to me? It could be, because you’re not listening to yourself. Yes, this is the talk about listening. We’ll get into actively listening to others, but we’re going to spend time first learning how to listen to ourselves. Have you heard the saying “We can’t give to others that which we don’t yet have within ourselves”? That applies here too.

Nope it’s not just about words: It starts with intention. Long before you utter a word, the outcome of your conversations and presentations are influenced by something that comes waaay before what you say. In this talk, we look at the importance of intention and how it sets the stage for what goes down and how you can intervene before you speak to get the results you want. So, for now, stop agonizing about those words!

Master the model, master communication. Networking event intro? Sales meeting? Speech to staff? Whatever the interaction, in this talk, you’ll learn about the six parts of the Conscious Communication Model that will give you a super-informed, versatile framework for pretty much any interaction you can find yourself in. Why wait any longer? Let’s get you some results!

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