This is communications consulting for small- to medium-sized businesses experiencing challenges with internal communication, culture, and change and that need to get staff on the same page ASAP!

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  • Your staff constantly complain and are unmotivated and disengaged
  • You’re frustrated and confused that your people don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing or who to turn to for guidance
  • You’ve been communicating and it doesn’t seem to have made a difference
  • Your customers are beginning to sense the internal chaos and you know it won’t be long until it shows up in loss of staff and productivity and in your bottom line, if it hasn’t done so already
  • You’re desperately trying to keep things afloat and manage your stress levels, while trying to move business to the next level, but you’re at your wits’ end
  • You need external expertise to shift this NOW before it all falls apart

Business Breakthrough is for businesses that urgently need to identify internal communication and culture gaps and create a plan to get everyone connected, engaged and back to working on the same goals, pronto

  • Because your dream needs a team that communicates clearly and collaboratively
  • Because you’ve made a commitment to provide the best service to your clients and you don’t back away from commitments
  • Because your external success is determined by building a rock-solid foundation of inner success


  • As a business owner or leader, you’re great at many things, but you can’t seem to solve the communication puzzle before you
  • You know if you don’t get everyone on the same page, your business, team and/or organization WILL suffer
  • You understand the value of bringing in an external expert to help you get on track
  • You recognize the return on investment of developing yourself and your staff – you know their success leads to yours


  • You’re looking for marketing or writing services. That’s the least of your worries. Our focus will be on getting you and your staff communicating effectively  
  • Businesses whose leaders aren’t willing to hear feedback about what they might be doing wrong. That stuff’s going to come up
  • Businesses that take a hands-off approach. We’re going to need all hands on deck to save this ship


  • Leadership Team + me on a call to talk about challenges and narrow down areas of immediate focus
  • Interviews with most affected staff to gather feedback on current state and identify where communication gaps exist
  • I provide a written report summarizing my findings and recommendations for your situation. This is a customized approach designed to consider your situation’s unique characteristics, challenges and goals
  • Recommendations may include any combination of leadership and staff coaching, internal communication strategy planning and rollout, reviewing and rewriting key internal business documents, workshops, training and ongoing evaluation and tweaking for greater results
  • Together, we design a solution that best fits your needs

You have a mission and my mission is to help you be successful in achieving yours.

Let’s chat to see how I can help your business achieve a communication breakthrough!