As a mission-driven leader, you’ve spent some time learning about racism, asking questions, reading books, amplifying voices and engaging in conversations about racism. You’re also probably wondering, “What do I do next?

You KNOW racism is real, that it exists in our societal systems and you see its exclusionary and traumatic impacts on Black, Indigenous & Persons of Colour (BIPOC).

You KNOW you want to be part of the change. You’re not OK with the status quo. This is why, after all, you’re a mission-driven leader.

As a mission-driven leader, you’re all about breaking new ground. Finding solutions and creating new pathways. Leaving your part of the world a better place.

So how do you continue the journey to becoming an anti-racist and take all you’re learning and apply it to your mission to effect real change?


Unpack Your Bias is a guided program, specially designed to provide a framework and hold space for you to deepen the work, while also providing practical steps to evaluate your current practices and create an inclusive business and organization.

This is an excavation to build a solid foundation from the inside-out.

Expect to learn…

  • How to unpack unconscious bias within yourself and your business or mission
  • Unconscious programming, which must be released that fuel biases and create disempowerment for self and others
  • A process for noticing, managing and releasing discomfort within yourself
  • How to identify bias and gaps in your business, line of work, and/or organization
  • How to expand your mindset beyond bias to create inclusion with integrity

What are the outcomes of deepening the work?

  • Create a mission, business and/organization that’s genuinely inclusive and that counteracts harm toward BIPOC
  • Serve more people and build a more robust business and/or organization
  • Build a reputation as a leader among mission-driven leaders working towards creating an anti-racist world
  • Expand your consciousness and self-awareness, and become more connected to your empowered self

Let’s connect if you’re a mission-driven leader ready to meaningfully unpack unconscious bias, build anti-racist practices and create a world of true inclusivity.