Coaching for humans ready to uncover the REAL reason they struggle with using their voice, so they can communicate and lead with confidence, clarity, and impact. Personally and professionally.

Our understanding and teachings about communication are incomplete.

It’s why so many people — including you — have a hard time figuring out how to become the calibre of communicator you wish to be.

You’re looking for the solution in the wrong places…

You’ve been told how you should use your voice. What words to use. How to say them. How to act when you say them. The identity you need to adopt to be listened to and to fit in.

The thing is it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. It requires the expertise of someone who knows precisely where to look for the source of the specific communication challenges you’re experiencing.

Luckily, you’re here, and I’m that person.

Now, imagine what it would feel like to get to the root of your challenges with communication and to learn to communicate and lead with assertiveness and clarity. To be able to command a room with your presence. To ask for what you want. To share your big ideas and make a meaningful impact. 

What would that do for you at work? For your business? For your personal relationships?

Book The CLARITY Session and LET’S GET TO IT…

Hey there, I’m Fazeena.

Some people call me a Communication Coach. I’ve been in the communications business for more than 20 years. Others call me a Leadership Coach, because I’m constantly pushing boundaries to expand consciousness and challenge my clients to grow beyond conditioned limitations.

My clients will tell you my intuition is bold and accurate and sure to uncover what isn’t easily seen.

I’m a disruptor, cycle-breaker, and a new paradigm builder.

My approach is unorthodox, and it’s why my clients experience rapid results when working with me.

I didn’t happen upon this work. I chose it and it chose me — an intersection between my choices, experiences, values, and purpose.

Whatever you call me, I’m here to help you catalyze the change and results you seek.

Here’s how I help…

One-on-one bespoke coaching based on your specific needs and goals using the Conscious Communicator Method. Clear blocks and learn practical tools to become a powerful communicator and authentic leader.

Uncover and release the root cause of your communication and leadership challenges and say goodbye to associated negative emotions and limiting beliefs holding you back in this one-off three-hour session.

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