“Fazeena is a phenomenal coach! She helped me show up to work as my full self with her guidance and support. Before my sessions with Fazeena, I allowed doubt and fear to creep into my mind during work. Working with her, I’ve reclaimed my power, my voice, and most importantly my thoughts.”

Carlene Thompson, One-on-one coaching client

“Working with Fazeena has been an absolutely life-altering experience and one of the best things I have done for myself. She created a safe space for me to share and held me accountable. I experienced an amazing shift in my perspective, which has allowed me to see the same challenges and struggles I had before in a different light, allowing me to work on them with positive energy and an open mind. My level of self-love and acceptance has gone through the roof. I am highly recommending this program to everyone around me.”

Pankaj Sharma, One-on-one coaching client

“Fazeena is easy to open up to. She has an incredible sense of knowing. Before working with Fazeena I was uncomfortable sharing my unique voice. Through Fazeena’s coaching, I’ve learned that when I’m not being my authentic self, my message, my voice, my communication are affected and hold me back. With Fazeena’s coaching, I’ve found my voice.”

Jennifer Kendall – One-on-one coaching client

“Fazeena is an extremely perceptive and empathetic coach. During a period of significant organizational change and growth at Venture for Canada, she helped me to become more aware of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions, so that I can be a more effective communicator and leader. I enthusiastically recommend Fazeena’s coaching services to anyone looking to further their personal and professional development.”

Scott Stirrett – One-on-one coaching client

“I highly recommend you go through the Quantum Change Process with Fazeena. For over a year, I had been working on my own growth. It was slow, and at times, downright frustrating. I spent three hours with Fazeena and the Quantum Change Process. I felt like I moved mountains compared to the year I spent on my own. Thank you Fazeena and the Quantum Change Process.  It has truly changed my life.”

Teresa Jones – Quantum Change Process client

“I did my first Quantum Change Process session with Fazeena and it was one of the most effective and powerful processes I’ve tried. For anyone that’s ready to make quick changes in their life, I would recommend Quantum Change Process; it’s worth the investment in yourself. I would also recommend Fazeena as she was extremely professional and knowledgeable about the process. She is very kind and cares about people’s experience and growth.”

Quantum Change Process client 

“I highly recommend coaching with Fazeena to look deeper into the beliefs you hold in your subconscious that are holding you back. She made it easy for me to let go and clear beliefs related to shyness, the need to be perfect and about being forgotten. Fazeena is totally non-judgmental and you know you’re with someone who truly cares. Because of our work together, I’m now able to tell my story without the emotional pain I had been holding on to, and I’m better able to understand where others are coming from.”

One-on-one coaching client

“I was always impressed by Fazeena’s ability to challenge any pre-conceived ideas and get to underlying issues. I would definitely recommend Fazeena to anyone looking for a calm and insightful coach who will challenge the status quo and get you results.”

Ruth Godinho – One-on-one coaching client

“Fazeena has a way of connecting with people so that they feel comfortable in having difficult conversations about such personal things as fears and limiting beliefs in what feels more like a conversation with a friend. Fazeena truly cares about her clients, and this shines through everything she does.”

Tate Besso – One-on-one coaching client

“I had a very powerful and positive experience in our coaching sessions. You inspired me to bring out my internal strengths with focus, clarity and passion, which got me to achieve my goals during the time we worked together.”

Patrick Ramcharitar – One-on-one coaching client

”Working with Fazeena has been an absolute joy. She’s an amazing listener and made me feel like she wanted to see my success even more than I did. You can expect real results rather quickly when working with her.” 

Nathan Adlam – One-on-one coaching client

“I engaged Fazeena to provide strategic communication for a client going through organizational change. My experience with her was excellent. She developed a meaningful approach to communicate changes. She listened; asked in-depth questions; delivered what she said she would; and brought me insights and knowledge that enabled my client to successfully communicate organizational changes.”

Donna Hall – Communication consulting client

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