This is a one-on-one coaching program for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and professionals who struggle to communicate with confidence, who don’t believe in themselves and who’ve lost opportunities, because they don’t use their voice.

It’s time to clear some crap…

  • It’s agonizing for you to speak up and ask for what you want in personal and professional settings
  • Standing in front of a crowd to speak makes you want to run the other way
  • You get especially nervous speaking to or in front of authority figures; it can be paralyzing at times
  • The thought of disappointing others or being judged for what you say, horrifies you
  • You can’t remember the last time you felt worthy of being seen or heard, if ever
  • You have a hard time saying no to others and end up overworked and exhausted
  • You often feel like an imposter or like you don’t belong, so you hide
  • You wish you had the confidence of other people you see and interact with, but you don’t know how to develop it
  • Every interaction you hold back in diminishes your self worth and costs you money, promotions, speaking opportunities, and relationship success and satisfaction
  • You’re tired of the hyper-critical voice in your head beating you down and you KNOW it’s time to do something about it

The Conscious Communicator Breakthrough one-on-one coaching program is for entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to say goodbye to their fears and build confidence to use their voice with power and purpose…

  • Because you deserve to be seen and heard
  • Because you’re worthy of success and fulfillment
  • Because your mission means something and your people… they’re waiting for YOU
  • Because you’re a force and it’s time the world recognizes that


  • Your bread and butter depends on meeting new people, building relationships and being vulnerable
  • Public speaking programs, interpersonal communication skills workshops and how-to-sell training haven’t gotten you past these obstacles; you wonder what it’ll take to get you real results
  • You know if you don’t do something that works, your business will suffer, you won’t get promoted or your business and personal relationships will suffer (if they haven’t already)
  • You understand that working on this means investing time, money and energy into yourself, and committing to your learning and growth
  • You understand you are 100% accountable for your results in any program and in life and you’re willing to take responsibility
  • You’re an engaged learner and open to the feedback you need to grow to get to the next level


  • You’re looking for marketing or writing services. Our focus is on inner work and getting your foundation right and rooted, so you’ll gain clarity. Then, your marketing and communications materials will be all the more powerful
  • You’re not willing to go deep to uncover the stuff holding you back. It’s in the deep stuff that breakthroughs are born
  • You’re looking for a quick-fix or strictly a public speaking program. This program is about integrating paradigm-shifting learning and changes over time; you’ll experience changes in many facets of your personal and professional life


  • Knowledge of how and why you communicate the way you do. There’s a reason for it all, and not only are we going to find out what it is, we’re going to shift it, so you can get the meaningful results you’ve been long seeking
  • How specific societal, cultural and familial belief systems and patterns you grew up in have a major impact on how you communicate today. We’re going to explore these, so you know what you’re up against and develop skills for sustainable change
  • Tools to break through fears and doubts, so you own your communication exchanges. This is where we teach you when and how you’re giving away your power and how to firmly take it back
  • How to assess your communication needs in any situation. We all have unique communication needs. You’re going to learn what your specific communication needs are and how to ask for them, so they’re met
  • How to connect deeply with the words you use. We’re going to reconnect you to your personal power, so when you speak, you feel aligned and fulfilled in your interactions

Let’s chat to see if Conscious Communicator Breakthrough is a good fit for you.

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