One-on-one communication coaching for humans who want to embody confidence, communicate clearly, and inspire change by using their voice.

WHERE YOU’RE AT… (which ones describe you?)

  • It’s challenging for you to speak up and ask for what you want in personal and professional settings.
  • Standing in front of a crowd to speak makes you want to run the other way.
  • You get nervous speaking to or in front of authority figures or in meetings.
  • The thought of disappointing others or being judged for what you say, weighs on you.
  • You can’t remember the last time you felt seen or heard, if ever.
  • You have a hard time saying “no” to others and end up overworked and exhausted.
  • You’ve often felt like an imposter or like you don’t belong, so you stay silent.
  • You wish you had the confidence of other people you see and interact with, but you don’t know where to begin to develop it.
  • Every interaction you hold back in diminishes your self-worth and costs you money, promotions, speaking opportunities, and relationship satisfaction.
  • You’re tired of the critical voice in your head beating you down and you want to do something about it.

Our 1:1 bespoke coaching program uses a “root-cause” approach to specifically pinpoint where YOUR struggles with communication originate from and provides you with practical tools to build and strengthen your communication skills to meet your specific goals. If you’re ready to develop unstoppable confidence and use your voice with power, authenticity, and purpose, this program is for you…

  • Because your voice matters.
  • Because you deserve to be seen and heard.
  • Because your authentic leadership (whether you have a leadership title or position or not) is needed by the people around you.
  • Because your big ideas will transform the spaces you’re in.
  • Because communication is one of the most misunderstood processes and your newfound understanding of it will give you an advantage in all your interactions.


  • Your work or business depends on meeting new people, building relationships, and demonstrating leadership.
  • Public speaking programs, books, interpersonal communication skills workshops, or “how-to-sell” training have only gotten you so far before you run into the same challenges again.
  • You know that if you don’t do something that’s effective, your business will suffer, you won’t get promoted, or your personal and professional relationships will suffer (if they haven’t already).
  • You understand that improving your communication skills is not an overnight process; it means investing time, money, and energy into yourself, and committing to your learning and growth.
  • You’re willing to take 100% responsibility and be accountable for getting the results you want.


  • You’re looking for marketing or writing services. The focus of the program is on YOU and working with the foundation from which you currently communicate. You’ll notice that the more you shift this foundation to work for you, your marketing and communications materials will be clearer and more powerful.
  • You’re not willing to go deep to discover what’s holding you back. This is a holistic coaching program. Every client who’s ventured into the deeper stuff has experienced potent breakthroughs with their communication (and by extension, other skills and areas of their life).
  • You’re looking for a “quick-fix” program. There’s no such thing as a “quick-fix” when it comes to doing this work (or any coaching or skills training – be wary of “too-good-to-be-true” promises in coaching and personal development marketing); it will take more than one or two sessions.
  • You’re looking solely for a public speaking program. The work we do WILL impact your public speaking skills; however, the program is designed to work on all facets of communication (interpersonal, leadership, public speaking, relationship, boundaries, etc.) rather than focusing on one specific area.


  • Knowledge of how and why you communicate the way you do. There’s a reason for it all, and not only are you going to learn what it is, you’re going to shift it, so you can experience the meaningful results with communication you’ve been long seeking.
  • How specific belief systems and patterns you grew up around have a major unconscious influence on how you communicate today. We’re going to explore these, so you know what you’re up against and develop tools and skills for sustainable change.
  • Tools to break through fears and doubts, so you own your communication exchanges. This is where we teach you when and how you give your power away and how to firmly take it back, as well as how to read what’s happening in your interactions so you can show up effectively based on the circumstances (e.g., diffuse conflict, use boundaries, etc.).
  • How to assess your communication needs in any situation. We all have unique communication needs that we’re not aware of. You’re going to learn how to identify your specific communication needs and how to ask for them to be met.
  • How to connect deeply with the words you use. You’re going to connect to your personal power and authenticity, so when you speak, you feel aligned, fulfilled, and in integrity with your interactions.


Step 1: We connect for The CLARITY Session where we dive into the specific challenges you’re facing, what’s behind them, and come up with a plan to get you where you want to go. Based on your needs, I’ll propose a customized coaching package based on your desired outcomes. Whether we work further together or not, you’ll leave with clarity.
Step 2: If you decide to move forward with further coaching, we’ll meet for a 1.5-2 hour detailed discovery session where I ask you a series of questions that will give us the information we need to set specific goals, measurements for success, and identify the root-cause of communication challenges we’ll be tackling during our work together.
Step 3: We meet virtually for our sessions. You’ll get “homework” in between sessions to ensure the tools and strategies we’re using are getting you results; we use this information to make adjustments where necessary. I’ll send you a recap email after each session, so you know exactly what to focus on.


Our 1:1 bespoke coaching packages use the exclusive Conscious Communicator Method which targets the roots of your specific communication challenges. The roots are often outside of a person’s awareness (unconscious to them) and can be internally or externally driven (usually both). They show up as “symptoms” such as excessive fear when public speaking, shutting down in conflict, not speaking up in meetings, etc.

The approach of our 1:1 bespoke coaching packages is foundational, so you experience meaningful and sustainable results for you. It’s a non-cookie cutter approach that meets you where you’re at rather than placing you in the confines of a one-size-fits-all box, and having you pay for a bunch of sessions and bells and whistles you don’t need.

If you’re someone that prefers some details to visualize the process, at a high level here are the steps of what coaching looks like…

  • Step 1: Identify root causes
  • Step 2: Unravel + release roots
  • Step 3: Develop and implement new behaviours/strategies/tools
  • Step 4: Evaluation and integration


Anyone can benefit from 1:1 bespoke coaching. Entrepreneurs, C-Suite executives, working professionals, doctors, politicians, people of diverse backgrounds and from all stages of their careers have successfully come through 1:1 coaching.

Strong, impactful communication is a self-leadership skill. You don’t need to have a leadership “title” or “position” for this kind of coaching to work for you and benefit you.

Fazeena is an extremely perceptive and empathetic coach. During a period of significant organizational change and growth at Venture for Canada, she helped me to become more aware of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions, so that I can be a more effective communicator and leader. I enthusiastically recommend Fazeena’s coaching services to anyone looking to further their personal and professional development.” Scott Stirrett, Founder & CEO, Venture for Canada

Fazeena is a phenomenal coach! She helped me show up to work as my full self with her guidance and support. Before my sessions with Fazeena, I allowed doubt and fear to creep into my mind during work. Working with her, I’ve reclaimed my power, my voice, and most importantly, my thoughts.Carlene Thompson, Tech industry professional

Let’s start with The CLARITY Session and go from there.

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