I’m Fazeena Haniff, The Conscious Communicator. I’m a communication expert with 20 years of experience, a board-certified master coach, speaker, consultant, intuitive, and facilitator of challenging conversations.

When kids my age were talking about having dreams of becoming a doctor, astronaut, actor or athlete, I talked about communication.

I earned my Honours B.A. in Economics and Communication Studies and then went on to further my studies with a Post-Graduate Certificate in Corporate Communications. I took my training, determination and passion and turned it into a successful career as a communication specialist, advising and coaching senior leaders on all kinds of communication matters. Known for my ability to connect with others with ease and bring people together to achieve win-win solutions, I was awarded the Collaboration Award in my last organizational role.

After leaving my 9-5 career in communications behind, I started my coaching and consulting practice to empower individuals to reclaim their voice from disempowering societal, cultural and family dynamics to be powerful communicators and cycle-breakers.

As a woman of colour navigating the corporate space and being born into a family and culture with intergenerational colonial trauma, I know the unique challenges and fears of what it means to find and use voice in both personal and professional settings.

Being witness to a tragic car accident as a child taught me to suffer in silence in a culture that didn’t hold space for emotional processing and difficult conversations. It wasn’t until I found myself at a breaking point decades later that I learned to recognize the impact of adverse childhood experiences and the childhood influences of society, culture and family on a person’s ability to communicate as an adult – something our communication models don’t take into account.

I studied coaching and became certified through an intensive training program through Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, and went on to further my coaching training by becoming a Board-Certified Master Coach and Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy, and the Quantum Change Process™.

I hold a unique position of combining my many years of professional training and organizational experience in communication with my unique ability to see unconscious patterns that impact a person’s ability to communicate, allowing me to facilitate powerful breakthroughs for my clients.

I’ve built a diverse and inclusive practice serving clients of all intersectionalities and backgrounds, and take pride in helping organizations build sustainable foundations to do so as well.

Now, let’s see how best I can serve you!

Certified Professional Coach

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