I’m Fazeena Haniff, The Conscious Communicator. I teach people about what they don’t know they need to know about communication. And there’s a lot.

Communication is an essential skill that we need in every facet of our lives and in pretty much every setting we find ourselves in, and yet, most people have no idea how to do communication in an impactful and effective way. That’s because we haven’t been taught about its holistic nature.

Yes, communication IS a holistic process. This is why it goes wrong so often or we struggle with how to get it right because we don’t know to treat it as holistic. You see, each one of us has our own communication blueprint – a compilation of our respective:

  • Past experiences
  • Inherited societal, cultural, and familial patterns and belief systems
  • Deeply held values
  • Deeply held beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world
  • Degrees of emotional awareness

At any given moment when we’re communicating, ALL of this combines to influence how we show up as communicators.

Did you learn any of this in school? I know I didn’t.

We all have a conscious and an unconscious mind. Our conscious mind represents 5-10% of the things that are in our awareness, whereas our unconscious mind represents 90-95% of the things that are outside of our awareness.

When we’re attempting to fix our communication issues by reading books, watching videos, and taking courses and training programs, we’re working with our conscious mind. The problem is most of the time the source of the issues we experience with communication lies in the unconscious mind. So, the solution needs to be one that addresses both the conscious and unconscious minds.

Having lived and breathed all things communication for 15 years professionally in the fields of Public Relations and Corporate Communications, I knew we were missing essential ingredients in the communication process that could make us all better communicators.

So, I created the Conscious Communicator Method. A proven method of getting to the root of specific communication challenges, resolving them, and building new tools and skills for confident, clear, and impactful communication. Over the last seven years, I’ve successfully used the Conscious Communicator Method with C-Suite level leaders, politicians, doctors, new and seasoned entrepreneurs, and working professionals at all stages of their careers and from a wide range of industries.

Outside of my professional experience with communication, the Conscious Communicator Method is influenced by my personal experiences.

As a woman of colour navigating the corporate space and being born into a family and culture where communication only happened when it needed to, I know the unique challenges and fears of what it means to find and use my voice in both personal and professional settings and how to resolve them.

Being witness to a tragic car accident as a child taught me to suffer in silence in a culture that didn’t hold space for emotional processing and difficult conversations. It wasn’t until I found myself at a breaking point decades later that I learned to recognize the impact of adverse childhood experiences and the childhood influences of society, culture and family on a person’s ability to communicate as an adult – something our traditional communication models don’t take into account.

I hold a unique position of combining my many years of professional training and entrepreneurial and organizational experience in communication with my unique ability to see unconscious patterns that impact a person’s ability to communicate, which have equipped me to facilitate powerful breakthroughs for my clients.

I’ve built a diverse practice serving clients of all backgrounds, and I take pride in helping organizations build inclusive and sustainable foundations to do so as well.

Fazeena’s credentials…

  • Honours B.A. in Economics and Communication Studies
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Corporate Communications
  • 20+ years combined experience (PR & Corporate Communications + Communication Coaching & Consulting)
  • Certified Professional Coach trained at Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)
  • Board-Certified Master Coach and Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy, and the Quantum Change Process™
  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy certificate from The Embody Lab

It would be an honour to facilitate The CLARITY Session for you.

Certified Professional Coach

© The Conscious Communicator - Fazeena Haniff