What does your voice carry?

What does your voice carry?


Our voice is not just something we speak with.

It’s also composed of the specific societal, cultural and familial belief systems we grew up in and are a part of, which operate largely outside of our awareness and deep within our subconscious.

These belief systems have a significant impact on how we live our lives, how we view ourselves, how we present ourselves to the world, and how we interact in relationships, at work and in our businesses.

Our voice often carries weighty expectations that are not ours in the first place, in the form of what our family, culture and society define for us. Those expectations create inner conflict between who we’re told we need to be and who we truly are at our soulful core.

Our voice carries the culmination of unhealed trauma and unprocessed emotional experiences we may have had in our lifetime and have never spoken of.

Our voice is certainly so much more than what we use to speak with.

We hear a lot about “finding” our voice. What does this mean? It means unlearning and releasing beliefs and patterns of chaos, constriction and control.

It means claiming all the splintered parts of ourselves we’ve disowned and loving them into our wholeness.

It means coming out of hiding and speaking about what troubles us and what enlivens us, regardless of what “they” think or say.

Finding our voice is really all about unlearning and releasing all that isn’t who we are, but have been programmed into believing it’s who we need to be.

Finding our voice is standing faithfully, courageously and lovingly in our own power forging forward our own path.

It’s about BEing ourselves.