What’s most important to you?

              The title question might be an odd one to ask in a blog post about communication. But I assure you it’s timely. Today’s topic is values, and in my experience as a coach, many people haven’t given the topic much thought let alone explored in depth what their […]

Befriend your intention

                Think about the last conflict you had and the interaction(s) you had to resolve it. What did you want to achieve? No, what did you realllly want to achieve? None of us are strangers to at one time or another saying we want to resolve a conflict, […]

It’s written all over your face

  Emotions can be a roller coaster of a topic. Wouldn’t you say? We tend to like to stick to such feelings as joy, love, exhilaration and accomplishment. And then we stop at sadness, fear, betrayal and rage. However, we’re human, and whether we’re in a personal or professional setting, we can’t turn off what […]

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