What does your voice carry?

  Our voice is not just something we speak with. It’s also composed of the specific societal, cultural and familial belief systems we grew up in and are a part of, which operate largely outside of our awareness and deep within our subconscious. These belief systems have a significant impact on how we live our […]

Failure? Not, here.

  I have failed. Many times. In big things and small things. It wasn’t so long ago that I wouldn’t admit that. To anyone. And sometimes not even myself. What I have learned each time was how much I needed to fail. No, I did not and do not set out consciously to fail. Some […]

Look to the past to identify current communication challenges

  This is a tough pill to swallow, but it’s an essential point of transformation and freedom. We cannot heal what ails us if we refuse to look back to see where the pain began. This is not to be confused with dwelling in the past. Patterns of communication and patterns of behaviour that create […]

Is your self-talk naughty or nice?

  Your self-talk matters. It influences the words coming out of your mouth, how you feel about yourself and the decisions you make. And what better time of the year to become aware of how helpful or harmful your self-talk is. Over the next couple of weeks, many of us will be busy shopping for […]

The scary bits of communication

                How familiar are you with the little voice in your head that increases in volume when you’re about to give a big presentation, meet with a potential client or have a difficult conversation? The volume on that thing can get so loud it throws us off our […]

How do you like your communication?

                In the morning, evening or at night? Kidding! Although some people would say, “Let’s not communicate until I have my morning coffee!” One of the things most overlooked in communication is that we all have a preferred way of communicating. Similar to learning styles, our preference for […]

What’s most important to you?

              The title question might be an odd one to ask in a blog post about communication. But I assure you it’s timely. Today’s topic is values, and in my experience as a coach, many people haven’t given the topic much thought let alone explored in depth what their […]

Befriend your intention

                Think about the last conflict you had and the interaction(s) you had to resolve it. What did you want to achieve? No, what did you realllly want to achieve? None of us are strangers to at one time or another saying we want to resolve a conflict, […]

It’s written all over your face

  Emotions can be a roller coaster of a topic. Wouldn’t you say? We tend to like to stick to such feelings as joy, love, exhilaration and accomplishment. And then we stop at sadness, fear, betrayal and rage. However, we’re human, and whether we’re in a personal or professional setting, we can’t turn off what […]

Communication: What’s it all about?

Pop quiz. Did you know there are two outputs to communication? If you guessed there’s a verbal output (the words we use) and a non-verbal output (what we do with our voice and body) ding, ding, ding, you’ve won yourself the opportunity to read the rest of this post! Ha. All jokes aside, there are […]